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Breakthrough Treatment Option for COPD / Emphysema

The New Option for Your Patients Who Feel Breathless Despite Medical Therapy

The Zephyr Endobronchial Valve is clinically proven to improve lung function, exercise capacity and quality of life for patients who suffer from severe emphysema.1

Patients treated with Zephyr Valve reported they could breathe easier, be more active and have more confidence being away from home.1

See How Zephyr Valves Work to Reduce Hyperinflation and Improve Lung Function

The Zephyr Valve is the first FDA approved minimally invasive bronchoscopic treatment for severe emphysema patients.

Zephyr Valve treatment is clinically proven safe and effective

Results from multiple randomized clinical trials of the Zephyr Valve have demonstrated clinically meaningful benefits in lung function, exercise capacity and quality of life out to at least one year.1

International Guidance Documents Include Endobronchial Valve Treatment as an Option for Emphysema Patients

Multiple independent networks have concluded that with proper patient selection, the Zephyr Valve procedure should be considered in the treatment of severe emphysema.


Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease


National Institute of Health and Care Excellence


German Respiratory Society

National Health Care Institute of the Netherlands

Hear From an Expert

“The hope was we could place valves in the most affected regions of the lungs to allow the air to come out of those lobes and allow the better quality of the lung to expand in the chest and function better.”

Zephyr Valve is a Breakthrough Technology7 approved by the FDA for severe emphysema patients.

“This represents a breakthrough technology as the device offers bronchoscopic lung volume reduction without surgery and its associated risks.  This device offers significant clinically meaningful advantage over the current standard of care and therefore its availability is also in the best interests of the patients.”7- Food and Drug Administration